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What size lug nuts are on a Ford Focus ST?

See the right lug nut size for your Ford Focus ST

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Get the Perfect Lug Nuts for Ford Focus ST wheels

Can I look into the lug bolt size for my personal Ford Focus ST? The simple response is yes, and it's only you or the installation specialist who is able to recognize the correct lug nut size with measuring tape and the actual access to it. There is also another approach - by looking at our charts made up by the specialists with awareness of all the pieces of information. We get information through the manufacturers' manuals to demonstrate in a shape of convenient tables. Our charts are really valuable if you don`t have opportunity to figure out the lug nut size and thread spacing for your personal Ford Focus ST.

In case you have a desire to reverify our virtual info, here you have simple procedure. Begin with a thread size: measure its diameter and pitch by using a gauge that one could purchase in the home improvement store. Alternatively, simply take your thread right to the store and just spin it onto bolts. The next issue is discovering the bolt seat type - the bearing area in between the lug nut and wheel surface. The most common kinds are mag seating, acorn/tapered seating, and ball seats; however, there are 2 more: flat seats and ultra tapered mag seats. The next step is to examine lug nut proportions: total length, exterior diameter, shank depth, and shank diameter. And the very last thing is understanding which shade your personal Ford Focus ST bolts and lug nuts will likely be.


Never try to use a metric thread nut on a US standard thread stud or vice versa.

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