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What size lug nuts are on a Ford Fusion?

See the right lug nut size for your Ford Fusion

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Get the Perfect Lug Nuts for Ford Fusion wheels

Can one inspect the lug bolt size for my Ford Fusion? The simple answer is yes, indeed, and it's only you or the installation specialist who can determine the right lug nut size with measuring tape and the actual physical access to it. Addititionally there is an alternate method - by studying our charts made up thanks to experts with focus on every detail. We collect information from the manufacturers' handbooks to offer in a form of practical tables. Our charts are highly helpful if you cannot decide on the lug nut size and thread spacing for your personal Ford Fusion.

Just in case you have a desire to re-check our online details, here is the simple approach. Get started with a thread size: meter its diameter and pitch by using a special gauge that one could purchase in the home improvement store. Alternatively, simply take your thread to the shop and you may spin it onto bolts. The 2nd issue is identifying the bolt seat type - the contact area between your lug nut and wheel surface. The most common types are mag seats, acorn/tapered seats, and ball seating; still, there are two more: flat seating and ultra tapered mag seating. The next task is to test lug nut dimensions: overall length, outside diameter, shank depth, and shank diameter. And the last task is understanding which color your personal Ford Fusion bolts and lug nuts will likely be.


Never try to use a metric thread nut on a US standard thread stud or vice versa.

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