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Toyota Camry Lug Nut Size

What size lug nuts are on a Toyota Camry?

See the right lug nut size for your Toyota Camry

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Get the Perfect Lug Nuts for Toyota Camry wheels

Can one look into the lug bolt size for my own Toyota Camry? The brief answer is yes, sure, and it's only you or maybe the installer who can recognize the proper lug nut size with measuring tape and the bodily access to it. There is also an alternate approach - by reading our charts arranged by the experts with attention to every detail. We take info in the manufacturers' handbooks to show in a form of practical tables. These charts charts are extremely valuable if you fail to decide on the lug nut size and thread spacing for your Toyota Camry.

In the event that you want to re-examine our digital info, here you have basic process. Start out with a thread size: meter its diameter and pitch by using a special gauge that you could find in a home improvement store. As another option, take your thread towards the shop and just whirl it onto bolts. The second struggle is figuring out the bolt seat type - the contact area between the lug nut and wheel area. Typically the most popular types are mag seats, acorn/tapered seating, and ball seats; but, there are also two more: flat seating and ultra tapered mag seats. The next step is to check lug nut dimensions: overall length, outside diameter, shank depth, and also shank diameter. And the final step is determining which shade your Toyota Camry bolts and lug nuts will probably be.


Never try to use a metric thread nut on a US standard thread stud or vice versa.

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